Inadvia is the world’s leading In-Transit programmatic advertising trading platform

In-Transit Media

Airlines are increasingly adopting wireless inflight entertainment or connectivity solutions, allowing passengers to watch premium content or access the internet on their own device inflight. Similar patterns have emerged across rail, coach and cruise lines. This has led to huge growth in In-Transit Media – premium mobile video advertising inventory delivered at the point of travel.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of software to trade digital advertising. It allows advertisers to better plan, optimise and target their advertising and allows publishers (in this case transport operators) an efficient and automated way to sell their inventory at the highest price and volume. It is increasingly becoming the dominant buying channel for digital advertising.

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Inadvia advertising platform enables airlines, rail, coach and cruise line operators to maximise the advertising revenue potential of their entertainment and connectivity systems. Inadvia allows its partners to remain in control of what advertising is shown, giving them complete peace of mind.




Inadvia connects brands with in-market travellers, by making In-Transit Media available to the programmatic ecosystem for the first time. Inadvia allows advertisers to buy audiences in the way they want to, using recognised media industry targeting and reporting standards.